Wonderman Nation Hero


• Social media campaigns, AMA's, KOLs, NFT giveaways - Leading up to launch
• Initial Token offering with leading launchpads and partner platforms
• Initial NFT offering + breeding and staking
• Dynamic metaverse game releases
• Ongoing tournaments and challenges
• Brand expansion beyond gaming


Wonderman Nation will combine the hyper successful and perennially proven battle mechanics used in Final Fantasy combined with a play-to-earn ecosystem of Axie Infinity - Amped with in-game NFT discoverability and metaverse exploration for expansive creature DNA breeding possibilities.

The Model

The play-to-earn model has been proven with games such as Axie Infinity, with revenues topping USD$485 million in August 2021, generated via NFT sales on the marketplace and breeding fees.

The Expansion

Wonderman Nation will expand on this success by applying AAA game development experience to deliver hyper addictive gameplay, together with a fast and seamless on-boarding experience, to target a global gaming audience with a simple, non-cryptovluted, fiat friendly UX, and reward players with play-to-earn mechanics that stretch into the metaverse with on-going royalty remuneration incentives.

The Beginning

Starting with an initial token offering, Wonderman Nation will collaborate with leading launchpads and exchanges supported by leading crypto and gaming PR and marketing teams, AMAs and KOLs, to run an awareness campaign involving NFT giveaways and prizes to launch the Wonderman Nation project.

The Growth

This will be quickly followed with an initial NFT offering launched through crypto launchpads and gaming guilds, along with social media NFT campaigns, reaching new social networks and driving new users into the game and engage them with the breeding economy.

The Release

With on-going PvP battle rewards, esports tournaments, next generation gamified social media community engagement and releases of planets in the metaverse to be explored for new creatures for breeding and battling, Wonderman Nation will continue to expand its gaming opportunities and its gaming community.

The Future

Future plans for expanded awareness of the Wonderman Nation brand include an animated feature series and licensing for merchandise, and associated branded opportunities, to reach a truly global audience, beyond crypto, and beyond gaming.

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